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We have different options that adapt to the needs of each child. Our programs at our Ski and Snowboard School are in chrage of kindergarden teachers and first level instructors prepared to make each day a special and unforgettable for the children.

Family Plan: The promotion is valid only for primary families (father, mother and children) who purchase Group Classes for 6 days. The Group Class that will be rewarded will be the most economical, 4 or 5 members will receive 1 Class, 6 or more members will receive 2 Classes. To obtain this benefit, the purchase must be made in the call center or in person and when acquiring the classes, the family bond in the School must be accredited.


Baby Leñas

Baby Leñas is a babysitting service offered by specialized kindergarten teachers, so parents can enjoy a relaxing ski or snowboard day while our team takes care of children and entertains them. • Days: 1, 3 or 6 full days.

Schedule: 9:45hs to 12:30hs and 13:45hs to 17:00hs

Meeting point: Baby Leñas Building

Ages: 2 months upto 18 months




Mini Leñas

Mini Leñas is a space equipped for children from 1 and a half years old to 3 years old where they will have recreational activities and body expression indoors with our kindergarten teachers. As it is indoors, they don’t need boots nor special snow equipment.

Three year old children make their first adaptation to snow and recreational activities in a children's playground.

Schedule: 9:45hs to 12:30hs and 13:45hs to 17:00hs.

Meeting point: Mini Leñas Building

Ages: 1 year and a half upto 3 years




Jardin de Nieve

Infantil Full Day is a space dedicated to children from 4 to 5 years old so they can have their first experience in contact with the snow.

Group ski lessons are offered in the playground, which is specially created for them, and located at the base of the ski station. With our instructors, children will discover the magic of our pistes. The place has a Magic Carpet, specially designed to facilitate the ascent, so children can achieve more descents and they can begin to move independently.

Schedule: 9:45 hs to 17:00 hs.

Meeting point: Jardín de Nieve

Ages: 4 and 5 years old

Lunch: Available.






Every year, Olimpo program receives thousands of students, of all levels. It has a perfect coordinated organization for kids to have fun, make friends, learn and enjoy skiing in the mountains.

Group Lessons must be attended at least with 3 participants per instructor. In case of being less, the Lesson will be reduced. 

Classes during the Miniweek are taken on the following days: Saturday half day to afternoon / Sunday full day (with lunch) and Monday half day on the morning (with lunch).

Schedule:10:00 hs to 17:00hs.

Meeting point: Olimpos’ little yard next to TS VENUS. Entrance on the right.

Ages: 6 upto 12 years old

Lunch: Available.


. Olimpo I. For childrens who have never skied.
. Olympus II. For children who have already skied between 3 to 6 non-consecutive days and control the speed.

For chldren who have already skied at least one week followed by dominating the wedge turns or in parallel on an intermediate level terrain (blue track).

Special activities (subject to weather conditions)
. Skiing with flashlights: every Thursday, in the afternoon / evening, children will experience the sensation of skiing at night.
. Olimpo Race: as a closing of the week, on Friday we held a race with all the children that participated in these classes during the week. The awards ceremony will be held at the podium of the Base at the end of the afternoon class.




Ski learning program for teenagers from 13 to 17 years old. Teaching is adapted to teenagers, who need motivation and constant challenge. Those who have already skied and who want to further improve, they are introduced to the world of freestyle and all its variants. For the most advanced skiers, there is an intensive training which includes: introduction to off-piste, competition, and Slope Style (flips).

Lesson lasts 3 hours (3 participants at least. In case of being less, the Lesson will be reduced).

Classes during the Miniweek are taken on the following days: Saturday half day to afternoon / Sunday and Monday half day on the morning.

Schedule: 14:00 hs to 17:00 hs

Meeting point:under Escorpio Hotel’s terrace

Ages: 13 upto 17 years old

Lessons start on Sunday and Monday