This journey includes transfer in a 4x4 vehicle from Las Leñas to Valle Hermoso (visiting the natural attractions during the journey) and the opportunity to enjoy a regional lunch such as the Malarguino goat.
This wonderful valley is located 25 km from Las Leñas and can only be accessed by a gravel road. Visitors will be able to rest on the shore of the lagoon contemplating the landscape, enjoy the area on foot, visit the petroglyphs, the thermal water wells, practice fishing and mountain bike.
It is a wide valley where the landscape is the protagonist: the Valle Hermoso lagoon surrounded by the Andes Mountains, Cerro Centinela, the border with Chile through the mountain range, the natural wells of hot water and the petroglyphs .
The location has the following tourist services: restaurant, grocery store, camping area, fishing area, rest area, mountain bike rental, restrooms and visitor services.
Duration: full day
Minimum Age: Activity for all the family.


Specialized guide / driver, Roundtrip transfer in 4x4 vehicle, Lunch (goat with garnish), First aid kit, Permanent assistance.
Recommended equipment:


Sports or trekking shoes, long outdoor pants, coat, sunscreen and lipstick, sunglasses, hat, a bottle with water, small backpack.


MOUNTAIN BIKE (Level 1, Level 2 and VIP)

Mountain biking is an activity for restless spirits that allows you to travel surprising circuits combining physical activity, mental attitude and the unique nature of the Las Leñas Valley on two wheels.

In this activity you can make tours, varying the intensity between them, in this way we can offer you circuits according to your expectations.

We take all the security measures in the circuits that we travel to minimize the risks in each of the exits.


  • Comfortable clothes: long pants + shirt or shirt.
  • Sports shoes preferably with socks.
  • Light coat.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Sunscreen and lipstick.
  • Water.
  • Small backpack.






If you are looking to connect with the mountain, get to know its environment and learn about its flora and fauna, we offer you guided walks through our valley. All tours are carried out with a specialized guide, leaving from the Las Leñas complex in different directions depending on the type and level of difficulty of the tour. We offer different tours according to physical demand and duration.

Duration: 2 hours.
Difficulty level: I (Ideal for beginners)
Minimum Age: 6 years old.

Duration: 3 to 4 hours.
Difficulty level: I / II (Moderate)
Minimum Age: 10 years old.

Duration: 6 hours.
Difficulty level: III (Moderate / Difficult)
Minimum Age: 12 years old.


Sports or trekking shoes, long outdoor pants, light coat, sunscreen and lipstick, sunglasses, hat or hat for the sun, extra pair of socks, water, small backpack.


Transfer to the start of the activity, depending on the tour, Professional guide, First aid kit, Permanent assistance.




Horseback riding 1 hour
Horseback riding 2 and ½ hours
Horseback riding 3 hours
Valle Hermoso Horseback Riding 2 nights / 3 days
Uruguayan horseback riding 2 nights / 3 days.


2 nights / 3 days departure from Las Leñas.

This ride is specially for families or groups of friends who want to live an adventure in the Andes but with the comfort that we offer at our lodge in Vallle Hermoso, which, having arrival with vehicles also allows for any event, to return to Las Leñas in good shape. fast and safe.
The first day we left Las Leñas and entering the mountain range we reached 3000 meters above sea level from where we see the Valle Hermoso lagoon. A long and exciting descent will be rewarded by a good night's sleep in our dome tents with very comfortable beds and mattresses. In the restaurant we offer you a snack to talk about what we experienced that day. The next day we leave at mid-morning to the thermal baths and those who wish to can enjoy the benefits of these waters. We return for lunch and the afternoon is free to recharge or walk through the location. On the last day we go back down the Calle de los Chilenos, Cajón Grande and finally Las Leñas.
Important: sleeping bags are not included per covid 19 protocol.
Useful recommendations: Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, long-sleeved shirts, coat, sleeping bag and insulation, comfortable pants NO jean.


02 nights 03 days from El sosneado
The traditional excursion that starts by vehicle from El Sosneado and then to the Atuel (about 50 kms) we horseback ride and in a few hours we arrive at the Barroso camp. We spend the night and the next day we go to the plane where after a lunch we return to Barroso, spend the night and last day return to the Atuel and transfer by vehicle to Las Leñas.
Does not include transfer to El Sosneado.

Important: All activities are subject to limited spaces and weather conditions.