2 nights / 3 days departure from Las Leñas
Sale per passenger $ - VAT included
This ride is aimed at families or groups of friends who want to live an adventure in the Andes but with the comfort we offer in our lodge in Vallle Hermoso, which, having arrival with vehicles also allows for any event, to return to Las Leñas in good shape. fast and safe.
The first day we left Las Leñas and entering the mountain range we reached 3000msn (meters above sea level) from where we saw the Valle Hermoso lagoon. A long and exciting descent will be rewarded by a restful sleep in our dome tents with very comfortable beds and mattresses. In the restaurant we offer you a bite to talk about what we experienced. The next day we leave at mid-morning to the thermal baths and those who wish to do so will be able to enjoy the benefits of these waters. We return for lunch and the afternoon is free to recharge or tour the place.
The last day we go back down the street of the Chileans, the big box and finally the firewood.


2 nights 3 days from Las Leñas
Sale per passenger $ -iva included
This ride allows us in a few days to follow a large part of the southern San Martin route, taking us to the Argentine-Chilean landmark. We leave the firewood in vehicles to the big river where the horses await us that transport us to the fantastic lagoon of the loads where we will spend the night. The next day we left early to the limit through the tiburcio valley, where we arrived around noon. We return to sleep with the loads and the last day we return to the big river where the return transport awaits us. Although it has a bit more difficulty than horseback riding one, this is still a good option for the family ((always minimum age 11 years)


5 nights 6 days from Las Leñas
Sale per passenger $ - VAT included
a cavalcade for those who want to experience the crossing of the mountain range in all its splendor.
It is designed for adventurers looking for a longer experience. First day of the firewood in the beautiful valley. second day beautiful valley to laguna de las carga. third day until Chilean milestone and back to load. Fourth day is free to recharge your batteries and enjoy the magic of the Laguna de las carga. Fifth day return to the beautiful valley and sixth day return to the firewood through the Chilean valley.
NOT suitable for families, ideal group of friends wanting adventure and adrenaline


02 nights 03 days from El sosneado
Sale per passenger $ - VAT included
The traditional excursion that starts by vehicle from El sosneado and then to the atuel (about 50 kms) we mount and in a few hours we arrive at the barroso camp. Overnight and the next day we go to the plane where after a lunch we return to Barroso, spend the night and last day return to the atuel and transfer by vehicle to the firewood.
Does not include transfer to El sosneado.

Important: All activities are subject to limited spaces and weather conditions.